Earth Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd.
A-1101, Tower No. 4 Orlov Court, Essel Towers
M. G. Road
Sector 28, Gurgaon 122002
Haryana, India
+91 9971657989

A Healthier Future

Lets get back to organic. Going organic helps lead a healthier lifestyle for us by leaving all artificial chemicals out of our food cycle.
Lets lead our young generation towards a healthier living by making them eat healthy and promote a better lifestyle.

No artificial chemicals & Fertilisers

All organic produce is free from artificial fertilisers & pesticides. This is ensured by the certification and testing of all the produce that reaches our consumers.

Better Value For the Farmer

By going the organic route we support the farmers, the backbone of our economy. Giving them a better value for their hard work will leads to sustainable development. Happier farmer happier future.

Why Earth Organic Foods Private Limited?

  • Certified Organic- All our organic products are certified in compliance with NPOP(India) NOP(USDA) and EU organic standards.

  • Quality Products- We use the highest standards of quality control practices throughout our chain, right from the farm to the time it reaches our consumers.

  • Non GMO products- We support the use of non genetically modified varieties of the produce for our products.

  • Biodegradable Packaging- We use 100 percent biodegradable packaging to the highest extent possible for our products.

  • Carbon Neutral Company- We aim to take our company to the level where we can actually be carbon footprint negative doing our bit for the environment.

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